Pathogenesis of precirrhotic portal hypertension in alcohol-fed baboons.

  title={Pathogenesis of precirrhotic portal hypertension in alcohol-fed baboons.},
  author={Hiroshi Miyakawa and Shinsuke Iida and Maria Anna Leo and Robert J Greenstein and David S. Zimmon and Charles S. Lieber},
  volume={88 1 Pt 1},
To study mechanisms and anatomic correlates of precirrhotic portal hypertension, we measured portal pressure either at laparotomy (in the portal vein) or by hepatic vein catheterization (wedge pressure) in 24 pairs of baboons fed 50% of energy either as ethanol or isocaloric carbohydrate (controls) for 4 mo-9 yr. On liver biopsy 7 had simple fatty liver; none had portal pressure exceeding the control range (2.7-13.0 cmH2O). The remaining 17 alcohol-fed baboons had fibrous tissue deposition… CONTINUE READING