Pathogenesis of medulloblastoma and current treatment outlook.

  title={Pathogenesis of medulloblastoma and current treatment outlook.},
  author={Jarosław J{\'o}źwiak and Wieslawa A. Grajkowska and Pawel Wlodarski},
  journal={Medicinal research reviews},
  volume={27 6},
Medulloblastoma is the most common malignant tumor of the cerebellum in children, with a tendency to metastasize via CSF pathway. Survival rate varies depending on several factors, but is rather favorable, with radiotherapy as the treatment of choice. Irradiation of the craniospinal axis results, however, in severe neuropsychological and psychosocial impairments pertaining to memory, attention, motor functioning, language, and visuospatial abilities. Precise mechanisms underlying the formation… CONTINUE READING


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