Pathogenesis of a phleboviral infection (Punta Toro virus) in golden Syrian hamsters

  title={Pathogenesis of a phleboviral infection (Punta Toro virus) in golden Syrian hamsters},
  author={Gregory W. Anderson and M. V. Slayter and William Hall and Clarence J. Peters},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
The hamster,Mesocricetus auratus, was examined as a possible model for investigating the poorly defined pathogenesis of the familyBunyaviridae, genusPhlebovirus. Punta Toro virus (PTV) isolates from Eastern Panama were highly virulent for two outbred and five inbred hamster strains, while isolates from western Panama were of low virulence. The Adames strain (eastern Panama) of PTV (LD50 approximately 1 PFU, sc) caused an acute fatal disease (average survival time, 3.8 days) in 10-week-old Lak… CONTINUE READING
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