Pathogenesis of A−β+ Ketosis-Prone Diabetes

  title={Pathogenesis of A−β+ Ketosis-Prone Diabetes},
  author={Sanjeet G. Patel and Jean W Hsu and Farook Jahoor and Ivonne Coraza and James R. Bain and Robert A. Moffitt Johns Hopkins University David Stevens and Dinakar Iyer and Ramaswami Nalini and Kerem Ozer and Christiane S. Hampe and Christopher B. Newgard and Ashok Balasubramanyam},
A⁻β⁺ ketosis-prone diabetes (KPD) is an emerging syndrome of obesity, unprovoked ketoacidosis, reversible β-cell dysfunction, and near-normoglycemic remission. We combined metabolomics with targeted kinetic measurements to investigate its pathophysiology. Fasting plasma fatty acids, acylcarnitines, and amino acids were quantified in 20 KPD patients compared with 19 nondiabetic control subjects. Unique signatures in KPD--higher glutamate but lower glutamine and citrulline concentrations… CONTINUE READING