Path sampling for lifetimes of metastable magnetic skyrmions and direct comparison with Kramers' method

  title={Path sampling for lifetimes of metastable magnetic skyrmions and direct comparison with Kramers' method},
  author={Louise Desplat and Christoph Vogler and J-V Kim and Robert Stamps and Dieter Suess},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We perform a direct comparison between transition state theory and forward flux sampling as a means to compute collapse rates of metastable magnetic skyrmions. We show that a good agreement is obtained between the two methods. We report variations of the attempt frequency by several orders of magnitude when the applied magnetic field varies weakly, which confirms the existence of a strong entropic contribution to the lifetime of skyrmions. This demonstrates that the knowledge of the rate… 

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Conclusion and Outlook

  • L. Desplat
  • Medicine
    Thermal Stability of Metastable Magnetic Skyrmions
  • 2021



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