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Path-connect iv i ty in local tournaments 1

  title={Path-connect iv i ty in local tournaments 1},
  author={Yubao Guo},
A digraph T is called a local tournament if for every vertex x of T, the set of in-neighbors as well as the set of out-neighbors of x induce tournaments. We give characterizations of generalized arc-pancyclic and strongly path-panconnected local tournaments, respectively. Our results generalize those due to Bu and Zhang (1996) about arc-pancyclic local tournaments and about strongly arc-pancyclic local tournaments, respectively. Moreover, these also extend the corresponding results in Tian et… 

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Local Tournaments and Proper Circular Arc Gaphs

It turns out that these chordal graphs that are orientable as local tournaments are precisely the graphs previously studied as proper circular arc graphs, i.e., that are proper circularArc graphs.

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Tournament-like oriented graphs

A local tournament is an oriented graph in which the inset as well as the outset of each vertex induces a tournament. Local tournaments possess many properties of tournaments and have interesting

Cycles of Each Length in Regular Tournaments

  • B. Alspach
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
  • 1967
It is known that a strong tournament of order n contains a cycle of each length k, k=3,…, n, ([l], Thm. 7). Moon [2] observed that each vertex in a strong tournament of order n is contained in a

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A method to generate all local tournaments by performing some simple operations on some simple basic oriented graphs is described and a description of all local tournament with the same underlying proper circular are graph is obtained.

Locally semicomplete digraphs: A generalization of tournaments

The class of underlying graphs of the locally semi-complete digraphs is precisely the class of proper circular-arc graphs (see [13], Theorem 3), and it is shown that many of the classic theorems for tournaments have natural analogues for locally semicompleteDigraphs.