Path Optimization Of AODV By EO-AODV In MANET

  title={Path Optimization Of AODV By EO-AODV In MANET},
  author={Krishhna Mahajan and Mudassar Abbas Rizvi and D. Singh Karaulia},
  booktitle={ICTCS '14},
The Ad-hoc on demand Distance Vector (AODV) is semi dynamic in nature, it assumes the discovered route is the optimum one and uses it for data transfer for the data session. But nodes mobility may give rise to more optimal routes and AODV does not adopt this optimal route. AODV does not discover the new shorter route until a route break occurs. This route break results in abrupt halt in communication and requires rediscovery of the new route, which increases the delay and routing overhead. A… CONTINUE READING


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