Paternity frequency and maternity of males in some stingless bee species.

  title={Paternity frequency and maternity of males in some stingless bee species.},
  author={Kellie A. Palmer and Benjamin P. Oldroyd and Jos{\'e} Javier Guadalupe Quezada-Eu{\'a}n and Robert J Paxton and William de Jes{\'u}s May-Itz{\'a}},
  journal={Molecular ecology},
  volume={11 10},
In monogynous hymenopteran societies, the number of mates of a queen strongly influences the potential for conflict between workers and queens over the maternity of males. Queens always 'prefer' their own sons to sons of workers, regardless of queen mating frequency. When a queen mates once, workers are more closely related to, and therefore are expected to prefer, their own sons and then sons of sisters to sons of the queen. However, if effective paternity frequency exceeds 2, workers on… CONTINUE READING
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