Paternal influence of sperm DNA integrity on early embryonic development.

  title={Paternal influence of sperm DNA integrity on early embryonic development.},
  author={Luke Simon and Kristin E. Murphy and Monis Bilal Shamsi and Lihua Liu and Benjamin R. Emery and Kenneth I. Aston and James M. Hotaling and Douglas T. Carrell},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={29 11},
STUDY QUESTION Does sperm DNA damage affect early embryonic development? SUMMARY ANSWER Increased sperm DNA damage adversely affects embryo quality starting at Day 2 of early embryonic development and continuing after embryo transfer, resulting in reduced implantation rates and pregnancy outcomes. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Abnormalities in the sperm DNA in the form of single and double strand breaks can be assessed by an alkaline Comet assay. Some prior studies have shown a strong paternal… CONTINUE READING
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