Paternal exposure to pesticides and congenital malformations.

  title={Paternal exposure to pesticides and congenital malformations.},
  author={Ana Mar{\'i}a Moreno Garc{\'i}a and Fernando Garc{\'i}a Benavides and Tony Fletcher and Emilio Orts},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of work, environment & health},
  volume={24 6},
OBJECTIVES A case-referent study with 261 matched pairs was carried out in 8 hospitals of Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, to assess the relation between occupational exposure to pesticides and selected congenital malformations. In this paper, the results concerning paternal exposure are presented. METHODS The parents of the case patients and the referents were interviewed to collect information about exposure to pesticides and potential confounding variables. Detailed information on direct… CONTINUE READING
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