Paternal Diet Defines Offspring Chromatin State and Intergenerational Obesity

  title={Paternal Diet Defines Offspring Chromatin State and Intergenerational Obesity},
  author={Anita {\"O}st and Adelheid Lempradl and Eduard Casas and Melanie Weigert and Theodor Tiko and Merdin Deniz and Lorena Pantano and Ulrike Boenisch and Pavel M. Itskov and Marlon Stoeckius and Marius Ruf and Nikolaus Rajewsky and G. Regel. M. Reuter and Nicola Iovino and Carlos Eduardo Borges Pinto Ribeiro and Mattias Alenius and Steffen Heyne and Tanya Vavouri and John Andrew Pospisilik},
The global rise in obesity has revitalized a search for genetic and epigenetic factors underlying the disease. We present a Drosophila model of paternal-diet-induced intergenerational metabolic reprogramming (IGMR) and identify genes required for its encoding in offspring. Intriguingly, we find that as little as 2 days of dietary intervention in fathers elicits obesity in offspring. Paternal sugar acts as a physiological suppressor of variegation, desilencing chromatin-state-defined domains in… CONTINUE READING

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