Patent, copyright and trade secret protection for software

  title={Patent, copyright and trade secret protection for software},
  author={S. Donovan},
  journal={IEEE Potentials},
  • S. Donovan
  • Published 1 August 1994
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Potentials
Crucial to the value of computers has been the development of software. Software development can require many hours of programming work. Typically, complex software is developed by a team of engineers and computer scientists working on separate modules, later assembled into the complete routines of a program. The development of computer programs requires the investment of considerable human, technical, and financial resources. Just as clear is the fact that programs can be copied for a fraction… 
A Software Authorization and Protection Model for Mobile Code Systems
A model for software authorization and protection in mobile code systems is proposed and methods for assigning agents to proxies are proposed to minimize, under the security constraints, computation load of the proxies as well as communication load between the user's local system and proxies.
Optimal Assignment of Mobile Agents for Software Authorization and Protection
Open source software development process for the development of open source e-learning systems
A generalized OSSD process that could be used for the development of an open source (OS) e-learning system and has the potential to streamline the future development of OS e- learning systems is developed.