Patched1 and Patched2 inhibit Smoothened non-cell autonomously

  title={Patched1 and Patched2 inhibit Smoothened non-cell autonomously},
  author={Brock Roberts and Catalina Casillas and Astrid C Alfaro and Carina J{\"a}gers and Henk Roelink},
Smoothened (Smo) inhibition by Patched (Ptch) is central to Hedgehog (Hh) signaling. Ptch, a proton driven antiporter, is required for Smo inhibition via an unknown mechanism. Hh ligand binding to Ptch reverses this inhibition and activated Smo initiates the Hh response. To determine whether Ptch inhibits Smo strictly in the same cell or also mediates non-cell-autonomous Smo inhibition, we generated genetically mosaic neuralized embryoid bodies (nEBs) from mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs… CONTINUE READING