Patch Ordering-Based SAR Image Despeckling Via Transform-Domain Filtering

  title={Patch Ordering-Based SAR Image Despeckling Via Transform-Domain Filtering},
  author={Bin Xu and Yi Cui and Zenghui Li and Bin Zuo and Jian Yang and Jianshe Song},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing},
In this paper, we propose a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image despeckling method based on patch ordering and transform-domain filtering. Logarithmic transformation with bias correction is applied to the original SAR image to transform the multiplicative noise model into the additive model. Then, we adopt a two-stage filtering strategy. The first stage is coarse filtering which can suppress speckle effectively. In this stage, we extract the sliding patches from the logarithmic SAR image, and… CONTINUE READING