Pasteurella multocida capsule: composition, function and genetics.

  title={Pasteurella multocida capsule: composition, function and genetics.},
  author={John D Boyce and Jing Yeng Chung and Ben Adler},
  journal={Journal of biotechnology},
  volume={83 1-2},
Pasteurella multocida is an important animal pathogen and many strains express a polysaccharide capsule. The antigenicity of the capsule can be used to identify five serogroups A, B, D, E and F. Disease predilection is generally related to serogroup, with haemorrhagic septicaemia strains belonging to serogroups B or E and fowl cholera strains to serogroup A. The importance of the capsule in virulence has been implicated in a number of studies but these studies have been hampered by a lack of… CONTINUE READING

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