Past is Present: Settler Colonialism in Palestine

  title={Past is Present: Settler Colonialism in Palestine},
  author={Omar Salamanca and Mezna Qato and Kareem M. Rabie and Sobhi Samour},
  journal={Settler Colonial Studies},
  pages={1 - 8}
This special issue of settler colonial studies emerges out of a March 2011 conference on settler colonialism in Palestine organised by the Palestine Society and the London Middle East Institute at the School of Oriental and African Studies. It is our hope that this issue will catalyse creative, collaborative work that puts the settler colonial framework firmly on the agenda of Palestine studies. The need for such engagement arises from our recognition that while Zionism and the Palestinians are… 
Israel-Palestine Through a Settler-colonial Studies Lens
This essay discusses the conflict in Israel-Palestine and its long-term evolution in the context of a settler colonial studies interpretive paradigm. It argues this analytical paradigm may offer
This special issue presents essays on the topic of settler colonialism in Palestine, covering conceptual and empirical, historical and contemporary, as well as literary, legal and political aspects
The Rule of Power in Palestine: Settler Colonialism, Neoliberal Governance, and Resistance
This book explores how the rule of power relates to the case of occupied Palestine, examining features of local dissent and international governance. The book considers expressions of the rule of
Israel-Palestine and the Settler Colonial ‘Turn’: From Interpretation to Decolonization
In recent years there has been a powerful resurgence of settler colonialism as an interpretive framework through which to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Attached to the burgeoning field
L'altro cambiamento : il colonialismo di insediamento, Israele, e l'occupazione
The paper argues that the Israel-Palestine conflict should be profitably interpreted through the lens of settler colonial studies. The structural distinction between colonialism, which succeeds by
The First Intifada, Settler Colonialism, and 21st Century Prospects for Collective Resistance
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Disrupting Settler-Colonial Capitalism: Indigenous Intifadas and Resurgent Solidarity from Turtle Island to Palestine
Abstract This article explores the resurgence of Indigenous/Palestine solidarity during the Wet’suwet’en land sovereignty struggle in Canada that took place around the same time Donald Trump’s Middle
Palestinian leadership and the contemporary significance of the First Intifada
On the eve of the highly controversial 2020 plan for Israel to annex parts of the West Bank, the author examines the nature of the Palestinian condition and the many challenges Palestinians confront,
The Israeli Nationality Law: A Blueprint for a Twenty-first Century Settler-Colonial State
  • I. Pappé
  • Sociology
    Journal of Holy Land and Palestine Studies
  • 2019
This article examines the recent Israeli Nationality Law within a historical context. It argues that the law in many ways manifests the settler-colonial identity of the State of Israel and as such
Zionist Frontiers: David Ben-Gurion, Labor Zionism, and transnational circulations of settler development
ABSTRACT This article examines how settler colonial narratives, structures and relations constitute development. The article offers a new concept, settler development, to show how development, as a


Displaced Nations: Israeli Settlers and Palestinian Refugees
There can be no undoing the effects of settler colonialism; in the postcolonial world the politics of settler colonialism is inescapable. Even in places such as Ireland, South Africa, or Algeria,
White-Settler Colonialism and the Myth of Investment Imperialism
“Financial” imperialism is a fashionable term. It is supposed to be different in nature from the “mercantile” imperialism of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, to have matured during the last
Zionism Then and Now
For the most part, when we speak of settler colonialism today, we are referring to colonial projects that took place in the distant past: sixteenth-century America; seventeenth-century Ireland;
The Palestine Problem: Zionism and Imperialism in the Middle East
  • New Left Review
The Returns of Zionism: Myths
  • Politics and Scholarship in Israel
  • 2008
For the nature of early radical scholarly analysis of settler colonialism in Palestine, see
  • Settler Regimes in Africa and the Arab World: The Illusion of Endurance
  • 1974