Past and present.

  title={Past and present.},
  author={Arthur J. Linenthal},
  journal={The Pharos of Alpha Omega Alpha-Honor Medical Society. Alpha Omega Alpha},
  volume={50 3},
  • A. J. Linenthal
  • Published 1987
  • Computer Science
  • The Pharos of Alpha Omega Alpha-Honor Medical Society. Alpha Omega Alpha
changes, computing technology and applications have evolved quickly over the past decade. They now go beyond personal computing, facilitating collaboration and social interactions in general. As such, social computing, a new paradigm of computing and technology development, has become a central theme across a number of information and communication technology (ICT) fields. It has become a hot topic attracting broad interest from not only researchers but also technologists, software and online… 
Presidential address, association for social economics, January 2005
Abstract In recent years social economists have been utilizing a broader than conventional perspective for examining the behavior of economic agents. While traditionally the focus has been on the
Virtual Seminars Fabricating radical traditions
It is a commonplace that the past is at the mercy of the present and that in every generation there are those who deliberately distort aspects of it to reflect a vision of their own or another's
European Modernism and the Information Society: Introduction
there are four main institutional aspects to modernity: (a) capitalism (the production of commodities for markets in which wage labor is also a commodity); (b) industrialism (the application of
Participatory Practices in Organizations
The literature on participatory practices in organizations has been less coherent and more limited to subspecialties than the literature on bureaucracy in organizations–despite a number of celebrated
The future of the working classes: a comparison between J.S. Mill and A. Marshall
Abstract Both J. S. Mill and A. Marshall had a lifelong interest in the living conditions of the working classes and theorized the possibility of a new age, characterized by a widespread mental and
Pedagogy and the practice of academic history in late-twentieth century Britain
In the final decades of the twentieth century, academic history was beset by powerful anxieties that played upon the self-confidence and sense of identity of its practitioners. While this ‘crisis’
Social networks and mixed-language business writing: Latin/French/English in the wardens'accounts of the Mercers' company of London, 1390-1464
Language mixing between Latin, French, and English has been acknowledged to be a widespread phenomenon in a variety of texts composed in Britain during the late medieval period. Until very recently,
Americanised, Europeanised or nationalised? The film industry in Europe under the influence of Hollywood, 1927–1968
In most film histories of the twentieth century Hollywood's dominance has been indisputable. Apparently, European filmmakers were always facing one choice: either imitating the American style or
The Case against Markets
Markets are an efficient way of producing and distributing a very large number of mundane items. Market incentives are a dependable way of getting our bread baked. Markets allow us to make the best
The structure of the present global capitalist world, which is composed of various sets of capitalist systems, can be clearly explained and described with the mathematical concept of 'measure'


Controversy: Politics of Technical Decisions
This book of controversies over science and technology describes and analyses the struggles between different perspectives: between those who see technological development as a rational and objective
Studies of computer mediated communications systems : a synthesis of the findings
An example of filtered exchange on EIES is the INTERESTS feature, where users indicate their interests by keywords and thus "join" interest groups on line, which is a way of quickly finding others on line with whom one wishes to exchange.
Invisible colleges. Diffusion of knowledge in scientific communities
No wonder you activities are, reading will be always needed. It is not only to fulfil the duties that you need to finish in deadline time. Reading will encourage your mind and thoughts. Of course,
A Behavioral Theory of the Firm.
Provides a theory of decision making within business organizations. Contrary to the economic theory of the firm, which sees firms as profit-maximizing entities, the authors advocate a theory based on
Endogenous Technological Change
  • P. Romer
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1990
Growth in this model is driven by technological change that arises from intentional investment decisions made by profit-maximizing agents. The distinguishing feature of the technology as an input is
Scientists in Organizations: Productive Climates for Research and Development
Montréal. Il a pour mission la promotion et la valorisation de la recherche. Érudit offre des services d'édition numérique de documents scientifiques depuis 1998. Note : les règles d'écriture des
This paper investigates the factors determining how rapidly the use of a new technique spreads from one firm to another. A simple model is presented to help explain differences among innovations in
Technical Change in an Evolutionary Model
This paper presents a specific evolutionary model that combines neoclassical theory and the evolutionary alternative, and results show that the model is suitable for simulation and real-world applications.
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