Passivity preserving model reduction via spectral factorization

  title={Passivity preserving model reduction via spectral factorization},
  author={Tobias Breiten and Benjamin Unger},

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Structure-Preserving Linear Quadratic Gaussian Balanced Truncation for Port-Hamiltonian Descriptor Systems

A novel procedure that is based on a recently introduced Kalman–Yakubovich–Popov inequality for descriptor systems is provided, demonstrating how the quality of reduced-order models can significantly be improved by first computing an extremal solution to this inequality.

Structure-Preserving Model Order Reduction for Index Two Port-Hamiltonian Descriptor Systems

This work develops optimization-based structure-preserving model order reduction (MOR) methods for port-Hamiltonian descriptor systems of differentiation index one that include a simplified treatment of algebraic constraints and often a higher accuracy of the resulting reduced-order model.

Structured Optimization-Based Model Order Reduction for Parametric Systems

An optimization-based algorithm for parametric model order reduction (PMOR) of linear time-invariant dynamical systems by extending SOBMOR to parametric systems and an extension of an adaptive sampling strategy to the multi-dimensional case is developed.

Port-Hamiltonian Dynamic Mode Decomposition

. We present a novel physics-informed system identification method to construct a passive linear time-invariant system. In more detail, for a given quadratic energy functional, measurements of the

Ju n 20 22 Structure-Preserving H ∞ Control for Port-Hamiltonian Systems June 20 , 2022

  • Mathematics
  • 2022
We study H∞ control design for linear time-invariant port-Hamiltonian systems. By a modification of the two central algebraic Riccati equations, we ensure that the resulting controller will be

Towards a modeling class for port-Hamiltonian systems with time-delay

—The framework of port-Hamiltonian (pH) systems is a powerful and broadly applicable modeling paradigm. In this paper, we extend the scope of pH systems to time-delay systems. Our definition of a

Structure preserving model order reduction of port-Hamiltonian systems

This work proposes a structure-preserving model reduction method for linear, time-invariant port-Hamiltonian systems. We show that a low order system of the same type can be constructed which

A Rosenbrock framework for tangential interpolation of port-Hamiltonian descriptor systems

A new structure-preserving model order reduction (MOR) framework for large-scale port-Hamiltonian descriptor systems (pH-DAEs) is presented, which produces reduced-order models (ROMs) of minimal dimension, which tangentially interpolate the original model’s transfer function and are guaranteed to be again in pH-DAE form.



Passivity preserving model reduction via interpolation of spectral zeros

  • D. Sorensen
  • Mathematics
    2003 European Control Conference (ECC)
  • 2003

Passivity and Structure Preserving Order Reduction of Linear Port-Hamiltonian Systems Using Krylov Subspaces

In this paper, a new structure-preserving scheme for the reduction of linear port-Hamiltonian systems with dissipation using Krylov subspaces is presented. It is shown how to choose the projection

Projection-based model reduction with dynamically transformed modes

A new model reduction framework for problems that exhibit transport phenomena that employs time-dependent transformation operators and generalizes MFEM to arbitrary basis functions is proposed, suitable to obtain a low-dimensional approximation with small errors even in situations where classical model order reduction techniques require much higher dimensions.

Structure Preserving Model Order Reduction by Parameter Optimization

This paper presents a framework for MOR based on direct parameter optimization, which means that the elements of the system matrices are iteratively varied to minimize an objective functional that measures the difference between the FOM and the reduced order model (ROM).

H2 Model Reduction for Large-Scale Linear Dynamical Systems

A new unifying framework for the optimal $\mathcal{H}_2$ approximation problem is developed using best approximation properties in the underlying Hilbert space and leads to a new set of local optimality conditions taking the form of a structured orthogonality condition.

Error bounds for port-Hamiltonian model and controller reduction based on system balancing

A new result on passivity preserving model reduction

On Structure-Preserving Model Reduction for Damped Wave Propagation in Transport Networks

Important properties like conservation of mass, dissipation of energy, passivity, existence of steady states, and exponential stability can be preserved by an appropriate semidiscretization in space via a mixed finite element method and also during the further dimension reduction by structure- preserving Galerkin projection.