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Passive solar building design

  title={Passive solar building design},
  author={Javad Sadeghsaberi and Sana Zarei and S. Hemmati},
One of the important issue's today's scientific worlds is the topic of sustainable development and sustainable architecture which is followed. Without doubt, unsustainable consumption of non- renewable natural resources like fossil fuels, the Environment will be at risk in the near future. While, the building sector accounts more than a third of energy. There fore reduce the amount of energy in Buildings causes toward sustainable development which consistent with the needs of today's generation… Expand
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Theoretical Review on Green Building
A building which uses less energy, water and natural resources, create less waste and is healthier for the people living inside compared to a standard building is called Green Building. GreenExpand
Effects of Solar Passive Architecture on Building Envelop
In different parts of the world, man has found various solutions for protection against climatically unkind conditions through locally available materials and in the case of vernacular architecture, the roof played a determining role in the general form and appearance. Expand
A solution for future designs using techniques from vernacular architecture in southern Iran
Nowadays in modern life, every technology and technique for comfortable life is available. People with low income, in other words, with low levels of economic power, can also have those facilities toExpand
Techno Economic Evaluation and Feasibility Analysis of a Hybrid Net Zero Energy Building in Pakistan: A Case Study of Hospital
The current study is an economic evaluation and feasibility study of hybrid microgrid Net Zero Energy Buildings in Pakistan. A Net Zero Energy approach is proposed for a two-story hospital buildingExpand
Feasibility study and economic analysis of grid connected solar powered net zero energy building (NZEB) of shopping mall for two different climates of Pakistan and Thailand
Abstract In the current research,a comparative study of hybrid microgrid Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) is performed for temperate and tropical climates. A theoretical building of a shopping mallExpand


Cold-Climate Case Study for Affordable Zero Energy Homes: Preprint
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Developments in solar energy utilisation in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is situated such that, until recently, it has been regarded as an unsuitable location for applications of solar energy. However, a considerable amount of work has been carried outExpand
Building with Frank Lloyd Wright: An Illustrated Memoir
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Solar Architecture in Cool Climates
Preface * North Sun Context * Multiple and Added Solar Value * Environmental Comfort and Well-being * Adaptive Control * Passive Control * Machine Control * Green Solar Future * Index
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