Passive Reactor Compensated Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel LC-StatCom

  title={Passive Reactor Compensated Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel LC-StatCom},
  author={Ghias Farivar and Christopher David Townsend and Branislav Hredzak and Josep Pou and Vassilios G. Agelidis},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics},
The cascaded H-bridge (CHB) low-capacitance StatCom (LC-StatCom) has a limited operating area in the inductive region compared to a conventional StatCom's V–I characteristic. This limitation for operation in the inductive region is considered to be the biggest disadvantage of CHB LC-StatCom. In this paper, the effect of adding parallel and series reactors on the LC-StatCom system's V–I characteristic is analyzed. Then, a new configuration, which fully compensates for the lost operating area of… CONTINUE READING