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Passive Hearing Protection Systems and Their Performance

  title={Passive Hearing Protection Systems and Their Performance},
  author={R. McKinley and V. S. Bjorn},
Abstract : While ideally noise should be reduced at the source, in the military environment the most effective solution in terms of both cost and operational effectiveness has been to provide personnel with personal hearing protection. This protection may be in the form of either an earplug that occludes the ear canal or a circumaural protector that inserts a barrier between the ambient noise and the ear. For both devices the level of passive protection provided changes with frequency. A great… Expand
Enhancing Aircrew Protection against Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Modern day high performance aircrafts are more powerful, more efficient, and unfortunately, frequently produce high noise levels resulting in Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in the MilitaryExpand
Noise: A Limiting Factor for the Use of Modern Weapon Systems?
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Passive Hearing Protection Systems and Their Performance
While ideally noise should be reduced at the source, in the military environment the most effective solution in terms of both cost and operational effectiveness has been to provide personnel withExpand
Protection of the ear from noise: Limiting factors
A theoretical and experimental study with this title was undertaken in the 1952–1953 period and published in the Benox Report [‘‘An Exploratory Study of the Biological Effects of Noise,’’ Univ. ofExpand
Methods of measuring the attenuation of hearing protection devices.
  • E. Berger
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1986
The analysis indicates that the REAT method is one of the most accurate available techniques since it assesses all of the sound paths to the occluded ear and, depending upon the experimenter's intention, can reflect actual in-use attenuation as well. Expand
Effectiveness of earplugs in high-intensity impulse noise.
Well-fitted perforated earplugs seem to be able to protect the ear from infrequent exposures to the high-level impulses produced by small and large weapons while allowing good speech communication, and without impairing the operational capacity of soldiers who must remain aware of their acoustic environment. Expand
International activities in the use, standardization, and regulation of hearing protection.
Prevention of hearing loss due to noise exposure often means one thing—the consistent and correct use of hearing protection. Since noise‐induced hearing loss has been identified as one of the leadingExpand
Hearing Protection of Earmuffs Worn over Eyeglasses
Abstract : The hearing protection ordinarily provided by earmuffs is reduced when worn by persons who also wear eyeglasses because sound enters the device through air leaks around the eyeglass templeExpand
Hearing Protection in the Military Environment.
The present state of passive (linear and non-linear) and active techniques for hearing protection in the military environment is reviewed. Solutions which allow to protect the ear from largeExpand
Experiments on the Bone‐Conduction Threshold in a Free Sound Field
Earlier investigators of the free‐field bone‐conduction threshold occluded the auditory meatus with plugs and muffs and reasoned by various arguments that the real‐ear attenuation obtained was lessExpand
The effect of reduced headband force on the attenuation of muff-type protectors
The headband force of five different protectors was decreased in one‐half pound increments until the force was less than one pound. Using a dummy head, the attenuation was measured for each value ofExpand
Improved Cushion for Ear Defenders
Circumaural ear defenders require a cushion which is highly adaptable to the irregular contours of the head so as to provide a good air seal, and yet behaves like a stiff spring so as to minimizeExpand