Passive Bistatic Radar (PBR) for harbour protection applications

  title={Passive Bistatic Radar (PBR) for harbour protection applications},
  author={Daniel W. O'Hagan and Amerigo Capria and Dario Petri and Virginie Kubica and Maria S. Greco and Fabrizio Berizzi and A. Stove},
  journal={2012 IEEE Radar Conference},
In this paper we investigate the feasibility of using Passive Bistatic Radar, PBR, to provide security for a harbour area. There have been numerous publications on the suitability of passive radar for air surveillance applications. However, this paper focuses predominantly on maritime applications. We investigate the ability of passive radar to detect, track, and eventually manage, marine vessels (boats). The paper includes a case-study of the Livorno Harbour in Italy. Livorno has been chosen… CONTINUE READING
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