Passing a Language through the Eye of a Needle

  title={Passing a Language through the Eye of a Needle},
  author={Roberto Ierusalimschy and Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo and Waldemar Celes Filho},
  pages={20 - 29}
Scripting languages are an important element in the current landscape of programming languages. A key feature of a scripting language is its ability to integrate with a system language. This integration takes two main forms: extending and embedding. In the first form, you extend the scripting language with libraries and functions written in the system language and write your main program in the scripting language. In the second form, you embed the scripting language in a host program (written… 

Concolic Execution of NMap Scripts for Honeyfarm Generation

This paper describes an approach for applying concolic execution on attacking scripts in Nmap in order to automatically generate lightweight fake versions of the vulnerable services that can fool the scripts, which can enable rapid deployment of custom honeyfarms.

Scriptable operating systems with Lua

The concept of scriptable operating system is proposed, which applies scripting development paradigm to the concept of extensible operating systems, and an implementation of a kernel-scripting environment that allows users to dynamically extend Linux and NetBSD operating systems using the scripting language Lua.

ispc: A SPMD compiler for high-performance CPU programming

  • M. PharrW. Mark
  • Computer Science
    2012 Innovative Parallel Computing (InPar)
  • 2012
A compiler, the Intel R® SPMD Program Compiler (ispc), is developed that delivers very high performance on CPUs thanks to effective use of both multiple processor cores and SIMD vector units.

A Study about Students' Knowledge of Inductive Structures

Two stages of a study carried out with pre-university students, to gather information about the learning of the concept of inductive structures, and the development of both stages and the analysis of the difficulties and progress observed are described.

A Prototype of a Knowledge-Based Programming Environment

This paper presents a proposal for a knowledge-based programming environment. Within this environment, declarative background knowledge, procedures, and concrete data are represented in suitable



h., celes, W. the evolution of lua

  • In Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGPLAN Conference on History of Programming Languages (san Diego,
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Programming in Lua

Extending and embedding the python interpreter

This document describes how to write modules in C or C++ to extend the Python interpreter with new modules, which can define new functions but also new object types and their methods.

Revisiting coroutines

This article introduces the concept of full asymmetric coroutines and provides a precise definition for it through an operational semantics, and demonstrates that full cor outines have an expressive power equivalent to one-shot continuations and one- shot delimited continuations.

Scripting: Higher-Level Programming for the 21st Century

This article explains why scripting languages will handle many of the programming tasks in the next century better than system programming languages.

The evolution of Lua

We report on the birth and evolution of Lua and discuss how it moved from a simple configuration language to a versatile, widely used language that supports extensible semantics, anonymous functions,

Lua-An Extensible Extension Language

Lua presents a mechanism offallbacks that allows programmers to extend the semantics of the language in some unconventional ways, as a noteworthy example, fallbacks allow the user to add different kinds of inheritance to the language.

The Implementation of Lua 5.0

We discuss the main novelties of the implementation of Lua 5.0: its register- based virtual machine, the new algorithm for optimizing tables used as arrays, the implementation of closures, and the

de figueiredo, l. h., celes, W. the evolution of lua

  • Proceedings of the 3 rd ACM SIGPLAN Conference on History of Programming Languages
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