Passband switchable microwave photonic multiband filter

  title={Passband switchable microwave photonic multiband filter},
  author={Jia Ge and Mable P. Fok},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
  • Jia Ge, M. Fok
  • Published 2 November 2015
  • Physics
  • Scientific Reports
A reconfigurable microwave photonic (MWP) multiband filter with selectable and switchable passbands is proposed and experimentally demonstrated, with a maximum of 12 simultaneous passbands evenly distributed from 0 to 10 GHz. The scheme is based on the generation of tunable optical comb lines using a two-stage Lyot loop filter, such that various filter tap spacings and spectral combinations are obtained for the configuration of the MWP filter. Through polarization state adjustment inside the… 
Reconfigurable RF Multiband Filter With Widely Tunable Passbands Based on Cascaded Optical Interferometric Filters
Despite the increasing importance and critical needs, reconfigurable radio frequency (RF) multiband filters are currently underdeveloped even both RF electronics and photonics technologies are being
Microwave photonic multiband filter with independently tunable passband spectral properties.
In this Letter, a programmable microwave photonic multiband filter with full control of amplitude, frequency, bandwidth, group delay slope, and the spectral shape of each passband has been experimentally demonstrated.
Optically Controlled Fast Reconfigurable Microwave Photonic Dual-Band Filter Based on Nonlinear Polarization Rotation
  • Jia Ge, M. Fok
  • Physics
    IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • 2017
A high-speed optically controlled microwave photonic (MWP) reconfigurable dual-band filter is presented, which is achieved using a Lyot loop filter for spectrum slicing and ultrafast nonlinear
A multi-passband microwave photon filter based on multiple dispersion devices
In this paper, a multi-passband microwave photonic filter (MPF) based on multiple dispersive devices has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) divides
Reconfigurable and switchable microwave photonic filter based on stimulated Brillouin scattering
Abstract. A bandwidth reconfigurable and passband switchable filter is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Based on the same structure, the filter can realize a single broadened response, two
All-Fiber-Optics-Based Microwave Photonic Filter With Tunable Center Frequency and Passband Plus Notch
We propose and demonstrate a microwave photonic band-pass filter (MPF), which features a single light source, with continuously and independently tunable center frequency and bandwidth. The center
Microwave Photonic Bandpass Filter Based on Carrier-Suppressed Single Sideband Injected Distributed Feedback Laser
A novel microwave photonic filter (MPF) based on carrier-suppressed single sideband (CS-SSB) injected distributed feedback (DFB) laser is proposed. The proposed MPF system exploits the frequency
Continuously wavelength-tunable passband-flattened fiber comb filter based on polarization-diversified loop structure
From theoretical spectral analysis, it is confirmed that passband-flattened comb spectra can be continuously tuned and the wavelength-dependent evolution of the output state of polarization (SOP) of each PMF is investigated on the Poincare sphere, and the relationship between wavelength tuning and SOP evolution is also discussed.
Tunable all-optical microwave filter with high tuning efficiency.
The proposed silicon nanocavity is competent to process microwave signals, which has many useful applications in on-chip energy-efficient microwave photonic systems.
Tunable microwave photonic duplexer for full-duplex radio-over-fiber access.
A tunable microwave photonic duplexer (MPD) for full-duplex radio-over-fiber access is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The proposed MPD is implemented by two single-bandpass microwave


A Selectable Multiband Bandpass Microwave Photonic Filter
A multiband bandpass microwave photonic filter (MPF) whose passband number and position can be selected is theoretically analyzed and experimentally demonstrated. The proposed MPF is based on a
High-speed tunable microwave photonic notch filter based on phase modulator incorporated Lyot filter.
A high-speed tunable microwave photonic notch filter with ultrahigh rejection ratio is presented, which is achieved by semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA)-based single-sideband modulation and
Single passband microwave photonic filter using continuous-time impulse response.
Experimental results demonstrate a high order microwave filter showing high resolution single passband filtering as well as exhibiting reconfiguration, square-top passband and tunability, for the first time to the best knowledge.
Microwave Photonic Filter With Two Independently Tunable Passbands Using a Phase Modulator and an Equivalent Phase-Shifted Fiber Bragg Grating
A dual-passband microwave photonic filter (MPF) implemented based on phase-modulation to intensity-modulation (PM-IM) conversion using a phase modulator and an equivalent phase-shifted fiber Bragg
Tunable multitap microwave photonic filter with all complex coefficients.
The architecture for the implementation of a tunable multitap microwave photonic filter (MPF) with all complex coefficients is proposed and demonstrated, resulting in a four-tap MPF with full free spectral range tunability and adjustable filter shape.
Tunable microwave fiber-optic bandpass filters
A new photonic filter which can realize both high-resolution bandpass microwave response and which is also widely tunable is presented. This is based on the use of long chirped Bragg gratings and a
Programmable Single-Bandpass Photonic RF Filter Based on Kerr Comb from a Microring
Microresonators with a high Kerr nonlinearity show great potential to generate optical frequency combs with ultrabroad spectra, high repetition rate, and high coherence between comb lines. The
Integrable microwave filter based on a photonic crystal delay line.
Owing to the very small footprint of the delay line, a fully integrated device is feasible, also featuring more complex and elaborate filter functions, and both notch and band-pass microwave filters that can be tuned over the 0-50-GHz spectral band are demonstrated.
Tunable chirped microwave photonic filter employing a dispersive Mach-Zehnder structure.
A Mach-Zehnder structure with modulation in one arm and dispersive time delay in the other is proposed to implement highly flexible single-bandpass chirped microwave photonic filters based on
Photonic signal processing of microwave signals
A new concept for realizing multiple-tap coherence-free processor filters, based on a new frequency-shifting technique, is presented, which eliminates the phase-induced intensity noise limitation and can also generate a large number of taps to enable the achievement of processors with high performance and high resolution.