Pascal's legacy

  title={Pascal's legacy},
  author={Johnathon Ross},
  journal={EMBO reports},
The musings of a Belgian monk 300 years ago on the consequences of believing in God, or not, have influenced our Western life probably more than any other scientific or technological invention 
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Pascal's triangle is well known for its numerous connections to probability theory [1], combinatorics, Euclidean geometry, fractal geometry, and many number sequences including the Fibonacci series
96.20 Pascal's triangle: The hidden stor-e
shallow diagonal before that one. So the sum of any shallow diagonal (from the third onwards) is the sum of the two previous shallow diagonals, giving the inductive definition F" = Fn _ 1 + Fn _ 2
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This paper presents an introduction to, and some examples of, statistical riskbased decision making from a quantitative, visual, and linguistic sense that should help in understanding areas of radioactive waste management that can be suitably expressed using statistical risk and vice-versa.
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