Parvilucifera sinerae (Alveolata, Myzozoa) is a generalist parasitoid of dinoflagellates.

  title={Parvilucifera sinerae (Alveolata, Myzozoa) is a generalist parasitoid of dinoflagellates.},
  author={E. Correa Garc{\'e}s and Elisabet Alacid and I. Pacheco Bravo and Santiago Fraga and Rosa Figueroa},
  volume={164 2},
This study begins with a description of the infective process in the dinoflagellate type host Alexandrium minutum by a strain of the parasitoid, Parvilucifera sinerae, including the morphologies of the various dinoflagellate and parasitoid stages during the infection. Then, the susceptibility of 433 microalgal strains to P. sinerae infection was studied. The parasitoid was found to be capable of infecting several dinoflagellate species of the genera Alexandrium, Coolia, Dinophysis, Fragilidium… CONTINUE READING

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America • 2015

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