Parton distributions with QED corrections

  title={Parton distributions with QED corrections},
  author={T. Ball and Valerio Bertone and Stefano Carrazza and Luigi Del Debbio and Stefano Forte and Alberto Guffanti and Nathan Hartland and Juan Rojo},
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Parton distributions for the LHC run II

We present NNPDF3.0, the first set of parton distribution functions (PDFs) determined with a methodology validated by a closure test. NNPDF3.0 uses a global dataset including HERA-II deep-inelastic

Parton distributions for the LHC run II

A bstractWe present NNPDF3.0, the first set of parton distribution functions (PDFs) determined with a methodology validated by a closure test. NNPDF3.0 uses a global dataset including HERA-II

Parton distributions from high-precision collider data

We present a new set of parton distributions, NNPDF3.1, which updates NNPDF3.0, the first global set of PDFs determined using a methodology validated by a closure test. The update is motivated by

The photon PDF from high-mass Drell–Yan data at the LHC

  • F. GiuliV. D. S. A. A. K. A. F. R. V. J. R. P. O. M. Bertone Britzger Carrazza Cooper-Sarkar Glazov Loh M. Lisovyi
  • Physics
    The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields
  • 2017
A determination of the photon PDF from fits to recent ATLAS measurements of high-mass Drell–Yan dilepton production at s=8 TeV is presented, and consistent results are found.

NLO QCD+NLO EW corrections to diboson production matched to parton shower

We present the matching of NLO QCD and NLO EW corrections to parton showers for vector-boson pair production at the LHC. We consider leptonic final states, including resonant and non-resonant

On the impact of lepton PDFs

A bstractIn this paper we discuss the effect of the complete leading-order QED corrections to the DGLAP equations that govern the perturbative evolution of parton distribution functions (PDFs). This

${ZZ}\gamma $ production in the NLO QCD+EW accuracy at the LHC

In this paper we present the first study of the impact of the electroweak (EW) correction to the process at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The subsequent Z-boson leptonic decays are considered at

Impact of the Photon-Initiated process on Z'-boson searches in di-lepton final states at the LHC

We discuss the effect of the Photon Initiated (PI) process on the dilepton channel at the LHC. Adopting various QED PDF sets, we evaluate the contribution produced by two resolved photons which is

Precision calculations for top-quark pair production at the LHC

  • I. Tsinikos
  • Physics
    Proceedings of XXVI International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects — PoS(DIS2018)
  • 2018
In this proceeding we present precision calculation results for top-quark pair production at the LHC at NNLO QCD and NLO EW accuracy. Concerning the combination of QCD and EW corrections we discuss

Parton distribution benchmarking with LHC data

A bstractWe present a detailed comparison of the most recent sets of NNLO PDFs from the ABM, CT, HERAPDF, MSTW and NNPDF collaborations. We compare parton distributions at low and high scales and

Vector boson pair production at the LHC

We present phenomenological results for vector boson pair production at the LHC, obtained using the parton-level next-to-leading order program MCFM. We include the implementation of a new process in

A posteriori inclusion of parton density functions in NLO QCD final-state calculations at hadron colliders: the APPLGRID project

A method to facilitate the consistent inclusion of cross-section measurements based on complex final-states from HERA, TEVATRON and the LHC in proton parton density function (PDF) fits has been

Electroweak radiative corrections to neutral current Drell-Yan processes at hadron colliders

We calculate the complete electroweak O(alpha) corrections to pp, pbar p -> l+l- X (l=e, mu) in the Standard Model of electroweak interactions. They comprise weak and photonic virtual one-loop

Electroweak corrections to dilepton + jet production at hadron colliders

The first calculation of the next-to-leading-order electroweak corrections to Z-boson + jet hadroproduction including leptonic Z-boson decays is presented, i.e. to the production of a charged

Radiative corrections to the neutral-current Drell-Yan process in the Standard Model and its minimal supersymmetric extension

An adequate description of the neutral-current Drell-Yan process at the Tevatron and the LHC, in particular, requires the inclusion of electroweak radiative corrections. We extend earlier work in