Parto : expectativas, experiências, dor e satisfação

  title={Parto : expectativas, experi{\^e}ncias, dor e satisfaç{\~a}o},
  author={Raquel Jo{\~a}o Magro Costa and B{\'a}rbara Barros Figueiredo and Alejandro Gustavo Vigo Pacheco and Ant{\'o}nio Pereira Pa{\'i}s},
The main aim of the present study is to describe the childbirth experience in Portuguese women, particularly the expectations, satisfaction and pain during labor, delivery and the immediate postpartum. Between the 1st and the 5th day after childbirth, 115 primiparous mothers fulfilled the "Experience and Satisfaction with Delivery Questionnaire" (Questionario de Experiencia e Satisfacao com o Parto, QESP, QEPS, Costa, Figueiredo, Pacheco, Marques, & Pais, submited) at Julio Dinis Maternity… CONTINUE READING