Partnerships in the Old Assyrian Trade

  title={Partnerships in the Old Assyrian Trade},
  author={Mogens Trolle Larsen},
  pages={119 - 145}
Beginning with the publication of Garelli's book “Les assyriens en Cappadoce” in 1963, a new wave of research into the Old Assyrian political, economic, and social structures has brought about a quite detailed understanding of many central aspects of the Old Assyrian society. It is my impression that something approaching a consensus has been reached in a number of important fields, and it is readily obvious where most of the pressing new problems are to be found. Many basic commercial… 
Political Economy in Early Mesopotamian States
An enormous amount of work has been done in recent years on what can be called the political economy of the earliest states in ancient Mesopotamia. These investigations appraise the organization of
The state drew its force, which was real enough, from its imaginative energies, its semiotic capacity to make inequality enchant. clifford geertz (1980:123) In this chapter I delineate what is not
Old Assyrian Metal Trade, its Volume and Interactions
The subject of this study consists of some consequences of a research project which was supported by The Scientifi c and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). In the scope of this
The Archaeology of Trading Systems, Part 1: Towards a New Trade Synthesis
After almost three centuries of investigations into the question of what it means to be human and the historical processes of becoming human, archaeologists have amassed a huge volume of data on
From the sixth millennium to the sixth century BC, more diplomats, bureaucrats, judges, politicians and businessmen than autocrats, priests and soldiers lived in Egypt and Mesopotamia, as democratic
Structural Transformations in Settlement Systems of the Northern Levant
Based on archaeological survey evidence from the Amuq Valley (Turkey), this article explores the settlement history of the northern Levant, describing changes in the structural organization of
Myths of the Archaic State: Evolution of the Earliest Cities, States, and Civilizations, by Norman Yoffee. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005. ISBN 0-521-81837-0 hardback £45 & US$75; ISBN 0-521-52156-4 paperback £19.99 & US$34.99, 291 pp.
  • N. Yoffee
  • History
    Cambridge Archaeological Journal
  • 2005
For more than a century, archaeologists have frequently been drawn to understand the human past in broadly evolutionary terms, applying Darwinian thinking to the development of human societies. The
Historical origins of accounting : the contributions of Iraq and ancient Mesopotamia
The origin of modern accounting is an unsettled phenomenon. Several scholars have traced that origin to the ancient Greece, to India, to Mesopotamia, and Egypt. There is no systematic study of the
Karl Polanyi and Markets in the Ancient Near East: The Challenge of the Evidence
  • M. Silver
  • Economics
    The Journal of Economic History
  • 1983
The essay challenges Karl Polanyi's position—that ancient Near Eastern economies knew state and temple administration but not price-making markets. It is found that the prerequisite functions of a