[Partnership networks and social organizations].

  • D Defert
  • Published 1990 in Bulletin de l'Académie nationale de médecine


Psychological, ethical and political issues of the HIV and AIDS epidemic on one part, the pauperization of people with AIDS on the other have given birth to AIDS organizations and to a creative solidarity amongst PWA. Doctors and nurses in spite of a real professional stress show many proofs of readiness to give more of themselves in innovative new team-cooperation. In France, they are now organizing themselves into volunteer networks involving hospital and city doctors. Describing the two targets of the AIDS virus: the T4 cells and communication, the author shows how communication with the self and with others is blurred by this disease; recent statistics illustrate the economical, professional and social fragility faced by patient in terms of medicare, insurance, employment, housing and home care. The various functions ensure by volunteers and patients on one hand and by health professionals on the other in these new social networks are direct responses to these two psychological and economical main issues. After a recent trend towards dissociation of assistance and therapy, the two historical functions of hospital, are we about to see them reassembled again in new locations?

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