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Partner support and psychosexual adjustment to breast cancer

  title={Partner support and psychosexual adjustment to breast cancer},
  author={S. Wimberly},
A Review of Spouse’s Reactions to Menopausal-Related Changes
This review paper is based on multiple databases focusing on spouse’s reactions and menopause and will provide useful information to develop effective health education module which involving spouses to ensure that menopausal women have a meaningful life throughout the menopausal phases. Expand
Men’s Sexual Issues After Breast Cancer in Their Wives: A Qualitative Study
The findings of this study could help nurses and other healthcare professionals recognize sexual issues in the husbands of women with breast cancer and promote the couples’ healthy sexual life. Expand
The influence of breast cancer survivors' Perceived partner social support and need satisfaction on depressive symptoms: A longitudinal analysis
It is confirmed that basic need satisfaction, within intimate relationships, is an important predictor of lowered depression among breast cancer survivors. Expand