Partitioning: An Essential Step in Mapping Algorithms Into Systolic Array Processors

  title={Partitioning: An Essential Step in Mapping Algorithms Into Systolic Array Processors},
  author={Juan J. Navarro and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Llaber{\'i}a and Mateo Valero},
The efficient solution of a large problem on a small systolic array requires good partitioning techniques to split the problem into subproblems that fit the array size. Ma any scientific and technical applications require high A4 computing speed; those involving matrix computations are typical. For applications involving matrix computations, algorithmically specialized, high-performance, low-cost architectures have been conceived and implemented. Systolic array processors (SAPs) are a good… CONTINUE READING
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Systematic Approaches to the Design of Algorithmically Specified Systolic Arrays

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