Partisan News, the Myth of Objectivity, and the Standards of Responsible Journalism

  title={Partisan News, the Myth of Objectivity, and the Standards of Responsible Journalism},
  author={Christopher C. Meyers},
  journal={Journal of Media Ethics},
  pages={180 - 194}
  • C. Meyers
  • Published 15 June 2020
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Media Ethics
ABSTRACT Objective reporting was once among the foundational norms of U.S. journalism. The emergence of alternative and economically successful partisan models exemplified by Fox News, talk radio, and a range of online sources has forced reconsideration of this norm. In this paper I argue that responsible reporting can also be partisan; the proper standard is not (putative) objectivity, but a commitment to fulfill the public’s right to know through accurate and comprehensive reporting. I… 
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