Particulate emissions from commercial shipping : Chemical , physical , and optical properties

  title={Particulate emissions from commercial shipping : Chemical , physical , and optical properties},
  author={Daniel Anthony Lack and James Joseph Corbett and Timothy B Onasch and Brian M. Lerner and Patrizio Massoli and Patricia K. Quinn and Timothy S. Bates and David S. Covert and Derek J. Coffman and Berko Sierau and Scott C Herndon and Janet D. Allan and Tahllee Baynard and Edward R. Lovejoy and A R Ravishankara and Eric Williams},
[1] We characterize particulate emissions on the basis of chemical, physical, and optical properties from commercial vessels. Observations during the Texas Air Quality Study/ Gulf of Mexico Atmospheric Composition and Climate Study 2006 field campaign provide chemical and physical characteristics including sulfate (SO4 2 ) mass, organic matter (OM) mass, black carbon (BC) mass, particulate matter (PM) mass, number concentrations (condensation nuclei (CN) > 5 nm), and cloud condensation nuclei… CONTINUE READING


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