Particle-stabilized oscillating diver: a self-assembled responsive capsule

  title={Particle-stabilized oscillating diver: a self-assembled responsive capsule},
  author={J. W. Tavacoli and J. H. J. Thijssen and P. Clegg},
  journal={Soft Matter},
  • J. W. Tavacoli, J. H. J. Thijssen, P. Clegg
  • Published 2011
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • Soft Matter
  • We report the experimental discovery of a self-assembled capsule, with density set by interfacial glass beads and an internal bubble, that automatically performs regular oscillations up and down a vial in response to a temperature gradient. Similar composites featuring interfacial particles and multiple internal compartments could be the solution to a variety of application challenges. 
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