Particle-laden two-dimensional elastic turbulence

  title={Particle-laden two-dimensional elastic turbulence},
  author={Himani Garg and Enrico Calzavarini and G. Mompean and Stefano Berti},
  journal={The European Physical Journal E},
Abstract.The aggregation properties of heavy inertial particles in the elastic turbulence regime of an Oldroyd-B fluid with periodic Kolmogorov mean flow are investigated by means of extensive numerical simulations in two dimensions. Both the small- and large-scale features of the resulting inhomogeneous particle distribution are examined, focusing on their connection with the properties of the advecting viscoelastic flow. We find that particles preferentially accumulate on thin highly elastic… 
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Particles suspended in a fluid exert feedback forces that can significantly impact the flow, altering the turbulent drag and velocity fluctuations. We study flow modulation induced by particles
Statistical properties of two-dimensional elastic turbulence.
While the system is only weakly nonhomogenous in the cross-stream direction, it is found to be highly anisotropic at all scales, and both the degree of statistical inhomogeneity and isotropy of the flow turbulent fluctuations as a function of scale.
Effect of polymer-stress diffusion in the numerical simulation of elastic turbulence
Elastic turbulence is a chaotic regime that emerges in polymer solutions at low Reynolds numbers. A common way to ensure stability in numerical simulations of polymer solutions is to add artificially
Numerical simulation of the transition to elastic turbulence in viscoelastic inertialess flows
Le melange de fluides represente un element important du domaine de la dynamique des fluides, ce qui rend la comprehension de ce sujet si significative du point de vue fondamental et applique (p.


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Abstract We study the two main phenomenologies associated with the transport of inertial particles in turbulent flows, turbophoresis and small-scale clustering. Turbophoresis describes the
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  • J. Bec
  • Physics
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • 2005
Collisionless suspensions of inertial particles (finite-size impurities) are studied in two- and three-dimensional spatially smooth flows. Tools borrowed from the study of random dynamical systems
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We conduct numerical experiments to investigate the spatial clustering of particles and bubbles in simulations of homogeneous and isotropic turbulence. On varying the Stokes parameter and the
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The dynamics of heavy particles suspended in turbulent flows is of fundamental importance for a wide range of questions in astrophysics, atmospheric physics, oceanography, and technology. Laboratory
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Elastic turbulence in a polymer solution flow
The low Reynolds number or ‘elastic’ turbulence that is observed is accompanied by significant stretching of the polymer molecules, resulting in an increase in the elastic stresses of up to two orders of magnitude.