Particle bioreactivity and wear-mediated osteolysis.

  title={Particle bioreactivity and wear-mediated osteolysis.},
  author={Mark Yin-Mao Wang and Peter F. Sharkey and Rocky S Tuan},
  journal={The Journal of arthroplasty},
  volume={19 8},
This review focuses on wear debris-mediated osteolysis, a major factor compromising the long-term success of total joint arthroplasty. Studies on retrieved implants and animal models, as well as in vitro studies on particle bioreactivity, suggest that wear-mediated periprosthetic osteolysis is unlikely to be caused solely by 1 particular cell type or particulate species, but is rather the cumulative consequence of a number of biological reactions. Our recent findings suggest 3 novel mechanisms… CONTINUE READING