Particle Size Measurement

  title={Particle Size Measurement},
  author={Terence Allen},
  • T. Allen
  • Published 1965
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature
Sampling of powders sampling of dusty gases in gas streams sampling and sizing from the atmosphere - air technology, Atcor Net 2000, Bausch and Lomb, Beckman, Centre for Air Environmental Studies, Climet Series 7000, Coulter Model 550 contamination monitor, Dynac, Gardner, G.C.A. Miniram, Insitec PCSV-P, Kratel Partoscope, Leitz Tyndalloscope, Met One particle counters, Pacific Scientific Hiac/Royco particle counting systems, particle measuring systems, RAC particle monitors, Rotheroe and… 
Analysis of Solids and Powders
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This paper discusses the application of an in situ optical counter to the measurement of liquid fuel droplets and solid coal particles under combustion conditions. Mie theory computations are used to
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One of the important characteristics of cement quality is particle size distribution. There are several simple methods to measure the particle size distribution of cement based on the Stokes
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Polydisperse glass microsphere standards were analysed by 25 international teams of particle metrology specialists using unambiguous methods such as microscopy, sedimentation, electroformed sieving
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The use of predictive models for the understanding and management of sediment and contaminant transport generally requires knowledge of particle size and settling velocity. Particle size is often