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Particle Flurries: a Case Study of Synoptic 3D Pulsatile Flow Visualization

  title={Particle Flurries: a Case Study of Synoptic 3D Pulsatile Flow Visualization},
  author={Jason S. Sobel and A. Forsberg and D. Laidlaw and R. Zeleznik and D. Keefe and I. Pivkin and G. Karniadakis and P. Richardson},
We present Particle Flurries, a case study of our efforts toward a synoptic visualization of pulsatile 3D flow that strives to show viewers all flow features simultaneously. The contributions are: a flow visualization technique for stereo viewing that quickly shows particle flow details throughout a volume; a novel poisson-based seeding strategy that prevents redundancy in the particle visualization; interactively controlled “sponges” that can emphasize specific areas of flow; and “kelp” that… Expand
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