Particle Charge Symmetries as R8 Subgroups

  title={Particle Charge Symmetries as R8 Subgroups},
  author={David C. Peaslee},
  • David C. Peaslee
  • Published 1963
  • Physics
  • It is shown how the formalism of 8 × 8 Dirac matrices can be extended to include all the groups so far proposed as relevant to elementary‐particle charge symmetries: R4, R7, G2, SU3. These are all treated as subgroups of R8, which appears to determine the eightfold structure of the particle families, even before the particle interactions are ``switched on''. Since these subgroups of R8 are incompatible, they will lead to a ``clash of symmetries'', as observed experimentally. It is pointed out… CONTINUE READING

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