Particle-Based Non-Newtonian Fluid Animation with Heating Effects


In this paper, we propose a new particle-based model for non-Newtonian fluid animation with heating effects. The new model has three contributions. The first contribution is a new particle dynamics method, which is more accurate in animating rotational non-Newtonian fluid motions than previous non-Newtonian fluid models in computer graphics. In addition, the particle dynamics method includes a new Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)-based projection method to enforce fluid incompressibility. The second contribution is a new particle resampling method. It is observed that fluid deformations may cause poor particle distribution which in turn causes inaccurate fluid modeling. To address this problem, in our particle re-sampling method, particles in our model are down-sampled and then up-sampled such that a well distribution of particles is attained. The third contribution is a new SPH-based heat transfer method for animating non-Newtonian fluids, whereas heating effects have been animated in previous graphical models for elastic and plasto-elastic materials as well as Newtonian fluids. In the end, many animations are produced with the proposed model to demonstrate the contributions of the new approach.

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