Particle Adhesion in Model Systems Part 13 .-Theory of Multilayer Deposition

  title={Particle Adhesion in Model Systems Part 13 .-Theory of Multilayer Deposition},
  author={Vladimir Privman and Harry L. Frisch and Niels P Ryde and Egon Matijevi{\'c}},
A model is developed to describe multilayer deposition in packed-bed systems. The multilayer deposition is significant for colloid suspensions which are near or beyond the critical coagulation conditions. Packed-bed deposition studies of such suspensions are possible in experiments with short residence times. Our model is formulated along the lines of the existing monolayer theories and involves one new parameter which characterizes the multilayer adhesion probability. 

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Colloid Interface Sci

J. K. Marshall, J.J.A. Kitchener
Faraday SOC., • 1966

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