Participatory medicine

  title={Participatory medicine},
  author={Jon Kabat‐Zinn},
  journal={Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology},
  • J. Kabat‐Zinn
  • Published 1 July 2000
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Art as a Mindfulness Practice

The use of mindfulness-based interventions in health, education, and psychology have dramatically increased in the last two decades. Art, as a reflection of the internal and external processes, is

Can mindful doctors take better care of their patients? How mindfulness can benefit medical care beyond serving as a clinical intervention for patients

How mindfulness in practitioners can alleviate three problems arising in contemporary medical care and contribute to improving patient-practitioner-relationships is examined.

Effectiveness of Stress-Based Mindfulness Therapy on the Students' Feelings of Loneliness and Internet Addiction

Background and Objectives: One of the most modern addictive behaviors is the phenomenon of Internet addiction, which is associated with criteria, such as withdrawal, depression, loneliness, and

Increased Interest for Mindfulness Online

The observed increase in the interest for mindfulness might reflect society’s need for grounding and improving quality of life and high-quality clinical studies are necessary to answer questions about the mechanism in which mindfulness improves symptoms and how it can be incorporated into modern treatment plans.

Mindfulness, remote engagement and employee morale: conceptual analysis to address the “new normal”

PurposeThe purpose of this paper is to explore the inter-linkages of mindfulness, remote engagement and employee morale as a solution to new normal, during the turbulent times of the

Modern Mindfulness

The Development of iManageCancer: The Experience of a Personalised eHealth Platform for Cancer Patients’ Empowerment

The development of iManageCancer is discussed, a cancer-specific self-management and patient empowerment platform designed according to the needs of patient groups while focusing, in parallel, on the wellbeing of the cancer patients and their families.

A “P5” Approach to Healthcare and Health Technology

  • G. PravettoniS. Triberti
  • Medicine, Political Science
    P5 eHealth: An Agenda for the Health Technologies of the Future
  • 2019
This contribution deepens the concept of P5 medicine, namely, an evolution of patient-centered medicine approaches which tries to identify the main characteristics medical interventions should have in order to meet patients’ needs.

The Alchemy of Connection: A Fundamental Ingredient When Supporting Breastfeeding Dyads

A hermeneutics of care is proposed that articulates elements that enhance the understanding between the LC and the circumstances and realities of the breastfeeding dyad in the context of diagnosis, management, and healing.

Predicting mindfulness levels according to ego strength

هدیکچ هب ار یرایشهب ناونع هدرک فیرعت لاح نامز و نایرج لاح رد هبرجت هب هجوت ینآ تروصب تاساسحا و راکفا رایشهب هبرجت و یهاگآ هب هراشا موهفم نیا .دنا هلمج زا یتخانشناور یاهریغتم رگید اب یرایشهب هطبار