Participation of the thalamic CM-Pf complex in attentional orienting.

  title={Participation of the thalamic CM-Pf complex in attentional orienting.},
  author={Takafumi Minamimoto and Minoru Kimura},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={87 6},
The centre médian-parafascicular (CM-Pf) complex is located at the posterior intralaminar nuclei of the thalamus and forms part of the nonspecific thalamocortical projection system and the internal circuit of the basal ganglia. However, the functional roles of this complex remain to be fully elucidated. Here we have examined whether the CM-Pf complex is involved in the process of covert attention. We trained two macaque monkeys to perform a task in which a visual target stimulus for button… CONTINUE READING
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