Participation of Akt, menin, and p21 in pregnancy-induced beta-cell proliferation.

  title={Participation of Akt, menin, and p21 in pregnancy-induced beta-cell proliferation.},
  author={Elizabeth Hughes and Carol B. Huang},
  volume={152 3},
β-Cell mass increases during pregnancy to accommodate for insulin resistance. This increase is mainly due to β-cell proliferation, a process that requires intact prolactin receptor (Prlr) signaling. Signaling molecules that are known to regulate β-cell proliferation include Jak2, Akt, the tumor suppressor menin, and cell cycle proteins. Whether these pathways are involved in prolactin-mediated β-cell proliferation is unknown. Using the heterozygous prolactin receptor-null (Prlr(+/-)) mice, we… CONTINUE READING
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