Participation in America : Political Democracy and Social Equality

  title={Participation in America : Political Democracy and Social Equality},
  author={Sidney Verba and Norman H. Nie},
"Participation in America" represents the largest study ever conducted of the ways in which citizens participate in American political life. Sidney Verba and Norman H. Nie addresses the question of who participates in the American democratic process, how, and with what effects. They distinguish four kinds of political participation: voting, campaigning, communal activity, and interaction with a public official to achieve a personal goal. Using a national sample survey and interviews with… 
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Research on political activism compares the ways that citizens participate, the processes that lead them to do so, and the consequences of these acts. The standard paradigm was established in earlier
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Democracy implies equality for all human persons, men and women. As against this basic notion of democracy what is normally seen is that women are excluded from different walks of life, more visibly
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Conventional wisdom holds that young people in Britain are alienated from politics, with some claiming that this reflects a wider crisis of legitimacy that should be met by initiatives to increase
The Citizen as Respondent: Sample Surveys and American Democracy Presidential Address, American Political Science Association, 1995
citizen participation is the main way in which the public communicates its needs and preferences to the I government and induces the government to be responsive. Since participation depends on
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The extent to which everyday African American political participation operates across US borders is rarely examined. This article explores this phenomenon by asking if there is a relationship between
Social Capital and Political Participation: Understanding the Dynamics of Young People's Political Disengagement in Contemporary Britain
  • Matt Henn
  • Political Science
    Social Policy and Society
  • 2007
Only 37 per cent of young people voted at the 2005 British General Election, seemingly confirming the oft-cited view that this generation is becoming increasingly disconnected from the political
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This paper reviews and explains the relationship between socioeconomic status and political participation from a structural perspective; i.e., social organization influences people's range of
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This article provides a review of extant empirical research on ordinary citizens' everyday political communication, its phenomenology, determinants, consequences, and relevance for demo- cratic
Democracies and Their Citizens
  • J. Shore
  • Economics, Political Science
    The Welfare State and the Democratic Citizen
  • 2018
This chapter examines the implications of economic inequality for the quality of democracy and discusses the origins and various forms of democratic citizenship. How socioeconomic inequality can
Participation and Political Equality in Direct Democracy: Educative Effect or Social Bias
This paper analyzes the moderating effect of direct democracy on the relationship of socioeconomic status and political participation. A skeptical position holds that direct democracy increases