Participation in America: Political Democracy and Social Equality.

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To Buy or Not to Buy: Who are Political Consumers? What do they Think and How do they Participate?
Political consumerism has recently generated academic interest among political participation researchers. While some scholars underscore political consumerism as an emerging civic and political
Online political participation in the 2008 U.S. presidential election: Mobilizing or reinforcing?
Participation is at the core of democratic society. However, studies have shown that participation is biased toward those who are better educated, more affluent, and in greater possession of civic
Health and Voting in Rural America
This research explores the impact of health on voter turnout, with the goal of uncovering important variation in dynamics across rural communities. Drawing on the results of county and
Local Characteristics Shape the Intended Political Behaviours of Adolescents
Among the different factors that predict political participation, the characteristics of the local community are often described. The types and the intensity of political participation differ in
The power of political talk: how and when it mobilizes politically efficacious citizens’ campaign activity during elections
ABSTRACT Political communication scholarship has investigated the mobilization effect of citizens’ political discursive behaviors during elections. With the recent advent of SNSs Social Networking
Assessing How Participators Combine Acts in Their “Political Tool Kits”: A Person-Centered Measurement Approach for Analyzing Citizen Participation
The actor-centered theoretical and measurement approach in this study identifies caveats to the theory that changing citizenship norms are leading to civic and political renewal, and discusses the implications of these findings for measuring different aspects of democratic (dis)engagement and participatory (in)equality.
Elected Ward Councilors as Advocates of Community Participation in Development under the Decentralization Reforms in Malawi: A Literature Review
This paper assesses the effects of ward councilors in Malawi in as far as promotion of participation of local people in development decision making in the communities is concerned. The paper argues
Beyond the “Territorial Minorities” Discourse: Theory and Practice of Political Participation of National Minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Case Study of Jews and Poles
Although different patterns of political participation among self-aware minority groups have spurred much debate in the academic circles, especially in stable democracies, this issue remains
Engaging politics : political participation in Brazil and Sweden, predicted by stereotypes about parliamentarians, political education and behavioral contagion
Tese (doutorado)—Univerdidade de Brasilia, Institute of Psychology, Graduate Program in Social, Work and Organizational Psychology, 2015.