Participation bias in a population-based echocardiography study.

  title={Participation bias in a population-based echocardiography study.},
  author={Steven J. Jacobsen and Douglas W. Mahoney and Margaret M. Redfield and Kent R. Bailey and John C. Burnett and Richard J. Rodeheffer},
  journal={Annals of epidemiology},
  volume={14 8},
PURPOSE To compare the characteristics of participants and non-participants in a population-based study of cardiac ventricular function. METHODS Subjects aged 45 years and older on January 1, 1997 were recruited from a sampling frame of Olmsted County residents from the Rochester Epidemiology Project. Subjects were asked to complete a 17-page questionnaire and participate in a 4-hour clinical examination that included a brief physical examination, echocardiography, spirometry, and an… CONTINUE READING
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