Participation after stroke compared to normal aging.

  title={Participation after stroke compared to normal aging.},
  author={Johanne Desrosiers and Daniel Bourbonnais and Luc Noreau and Annie Rochette and Gina Bravo and Annick Bourget},
  journal={Journal of rehabilitation medicine},
  volume={37 6},
OBJECTIVE To examine the reduction in participation of people who have had a stroke compared with healthy people with normal aging. DESIGN Participation of people who had a stroke was compared with participation of healthy subjects. SUBJECTS/PATIENTS Forty-six people who had a stroke for 2-4 years and 46 healthy participants matched on age, sex and living environment. MEASUREMENTS Participation was estimated with the Assessment of Life Habits (LIFE-H). The LIFE-H (short version 2.1) is… CONTINUE READING

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