Participação E EMPODERAMENTO: princípios PARA A conservação DE RECURSOS zoogenéticos ON FARM

  title={Participaç{\~a}o E EMPODERAMENTO: princ{\'i}pios PARA A conservaç{\~a}o DE RECURSOS zoogen{\'e}ticos ON FARM},
  author={M{\'o}nica C. Silva and Fernando Ricardo Brito Lopes and Fernanda Paulini and Maria Clorinda S. Fioravanti and Concepta McManus and Gisele A. Felix and Jos{\'e} Robson Bezerra Sereno},
This paper is an attempt to present theoretical support for on farm livestock conservation. We discuss this relevant strategy of in situ conservation focusing on domestic herds raised and owned by farmers and focusing on governmental attempts for partnerships and policies to conserve and rare the future promising genetic resources. However, more than an attempt to maintain a living gene bank, on farm conservation is a potential method to improve chances of social and productive inclusion in… CONTINUE READING